[BMGC] Blockman Editor “Party Maker” Contest

The first Blockman Editor contest has officially launched! The Blockman Editor “Party Maker” Contest aims to empower the developer community and build the foundation for the Blockman GO UGC ecosystem. 

Anyone – from casual players interested in trying their hands at game development, to professional studios and expert developers seeking to create high-quality UGC games and gain exposure – can participate. Participants are to conceptualise, develop and submit  a party game for the Blockman GO platform. 


〓 Contest Duration 〓

12 July 2022 – 21 September 2022

Results: Winners will be announced on 27 September 2022 


〓 Timeline 〓

12 July 2022 Contest Kick Off
12 July 2022 – 4 September 2022 Game Development & Submission 
15 September 2022 – 21 September 2022  Game Release & Data Evaluation
27 September 2022  Results Announcement


〓 Judging criteria 〓

The submitted games will be judged based on 3 criteria: Art, Gameplay and In-game Experience. 


〓 Prize Scheme 〓

The top game will receive the Golden Blockman Award and receive a 5000 USD cash prize. 3 games will be awarded the Silver Blockman Award and receive 3000 USD cash prizes. 8 Outstanding Creator Awards will be given, with winners receiving 800 USD each.

There are 5 Individual awards

  • Most Popular Game
  • Most Creative Gameplay
  • Outstanding Use of Tech
  • Exceptional Visual Art
  • Most Iconic Creation


Winners for this category will be awarded 500USD. 

Here’s a breakdown of the awards: 

Award Number of recipients Prize
Golden Blockman Award 1 5000 USD
Silver Blockman Award 3 3000 USD
Outstanding Creator Award 8 800 USD
Individual Awards 5 500 USD

Winners will also be offered the opportunity to become official Garena-partnered developers, gaining added exposure and exclusive support!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up here

[BMGC] Copyright Infringement Claim

Garena wholly respects the intellectual property rights of others and does not tolerate the infringement of these rights on our platform.  As outlined in our Terms of Service, we will review reports of infringing content and remove content from our platform where necessary.


If you are a copyright or trademark owner, or an agent of a copyright or trademark owner and believe that any content on Garena Blockman GO infringes upon this, you may submit a claim to support@blockmanmobile.com


Upon assessing the claim, Garena may send a copy of the counter-notice to the original complaining party informing them that we may, in 10 business days, remove the removed content or stop disabling it. 

[BMGC] Creator Contest Rules

Dear creators, you’re invited to participate in the Blockman Creator Contest. This creator contest is organized across the globe and your game will be played by players from around the world! Submitted games will be evaluated in the Game Submission and Game Evaluation stages, and the winners will get attractive prizes. If you are interested in participating in this contest, please take note of the following contest rules and regulations. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at blockmango.contest@garena.com or join the contest community channel : https://discord.gg/ynnFPKbcSD

1 Participation

Game Submission

  1. All the game submissions must be developed using the Blockman Editor PC version (“PC Editor”).
  2. To submit your game, you need to complete the following steps:
    1. Develop your game with the PC Editor according to the theme of the contest and submit it via the contest webpage before 23:59 September 4th 2022 (Local Time).
    2. Submit your personal contact information on the contest webpage before 23:59 September 4th 2022 (Local Time).
  3. By submitting your personal contact and game information on the contest webpage, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Blockman GO Product and this contest.
  4. Only one submission is accepted for each account. If you submit multiple times before the submission deadline, only your latest submission will be considered for the contest.
  5. By submitting your game, you are agreeing to letting the contest organizers promote your game on Blockman GO and Blockman Editor official websites social media, etc.

Submission Review and Result

  1. We will email the submission result in a maximum of 3 business days to your Blockman Editor account registered email address or the one that you filled in when submitting the game.
  2. If your submission doesn’t pass the review, you may still update and re-submit it before 23:59 September 12th 2022 (Local Time). Otherwise, the entry will be considered ineligible to enter the next stage of evaluation.
  3. Creators will be disqualified from the contest if submitted games are found to have plagiarised past games or contain content in violation of product usage policy.
  4. Games that were developed outside the period of the Game Submission Stage or games that have been previously published/released are not eligible for this contest

Game Release & Data Evaluation

  1. Only games that were submitted on the contest web page and have passed the review will be considered as valid submissions. Valid submissions will enter the Game Release & Data Evaluation Stage and be open to all players to play test.
    1. Please note that games that passed the review before September 15th will not be released immediately.
  2. After entering the Game Release & Data Evaluation Stage, you may still polish and update your games based on the feedback from players.

Evaluation Standards

  1. All game submissions that enter into the Game Release and Data Evaluation Stage will be evaluated and scored based on two criteria, and will be ranked based on their overall score. The final score comprises Product Quality Score and Gam
  2. e Data Score.Evaluation is done by Garena’s operations team and the average score from all reviewers will be the game’s final Product Quality Score. Product Quality Score is evaluated on three dimensions.
    1. Art
    2. Gameplay
    3. In-Game Experience
  3. Game Data Score Calculation is based on the game’s performance in the first 7 days after entering the Game Release and Data Evaluation Stage. It can be divided into three dimensions.
    1. Retention Rate Day 2
    2. Retention Rate Day 7
    3. Average Player Playtime in 7 Days
  4. Creators should submit original creation in terms of (1) Art and (2) in-game experience, and creators shall be liable for any IP-related infringement.
  5. Garena reserves the right to take down any IP-infringing content, as requested by the IP owner and if the IP is deemed to have been infringed.


Game Item Award

  1. All creators that enter the Game Release & Data Evaluation will receive all of the assets below:

Cash Reward

  1. Award winners will receive cash rewards. The details of awards are as shown below:

2. We will contact the award winners via the contact information provided within 3-5 working days after the results are announced. Winners who reject communications from the organizers or provided invalid contact information will be considered to have forfeited their awards.

3. If you are a minor (according to local laws and regulations) and have won an award, you will need your parents to represent you to collect the award and provide the necessary documents to prove the relationship when collecting the award.

4. The distribution of cash awards is subject to local tax and legal regulations.

Special Case Handling

  1. Participants may be disqualified if they are found to be engaging in fraud, phishing, false advertising, attempts to manipulate or tamper with the contest to gain unfair advantages, violation or abuse of the rules, or any inappropriate, illegal or unethical activity.
  2. If you come across any unfair conducts or other violations of the rules, please report it to blockmango.contest@garena.com.
  3. We reserve the right of final interpretation for the rules of this contest.

[BMGC] What’s Party Game?

In general, party games refer to multiplayer games that are played at social gatherings. They normally provide an entertaining gameplay experience to people of all ages and the interactions during gameplay can be good materials for video production in livestream and video editing.

This July, we will organize our very first creator contest. This contest welcomes game submissions more than that! We would consider your game to qualify the Party Game theme as long as it contains multiplayer mode. Brainstorm and create any multiplayer gameplay where players can collaborate, make friends, fully have fun and show their personality!

Here are some guidelines that we hope will facilitate your game ideation for a unique party game!

PVP Battles

We welcome any format of PVP battles! For example FPS, Bed Wars or ABA. The intense and exciting battles can stimulate players’ adrenaline the most!


Collaborate and play together with your friends to complete the game. No matter whether it’s to support each other to get out of a maze, or to break through a siege of numerous zombies.

Social Scene

Social games enable players to have fun and relax at their leisure without being too competitive. You may create a game where players can chat or dance to music casually, or they may just join to show off their outfits and skins!

What are you waiting for? Join our contest and become a Party Maker!

For more contest related information, please visit the website :  gocreator.blockman.garena.com



Game Design Support

  • Gamer insights sharing to provide creators with directions for game creation
  • Professional game design consultants to provide creators with suggestions on game theme, gameplay and game design.


Editor Education Support

  • Official up-to-date tutorials, API documents and user manual
  • Regular educational events in the creator community
  • Timely answers to game developement problems


Technical Support

  • Structural QA test support to resolve bugs or to optimize game experiences


Data Center

  • Powerful game data center with multi-dimensional game metrics tracking
  • Regular data insights feedback


Localization Support

  • Multilingual localization translation support for global exposure



Earn monthly creator bonus up to 100,000 USD (Detailed rules to be found in the link)

Additional bonus rewards for signed creator partners