September 20, 2022


After the tweetinfo is passed into the constructor of tweet, modifying the tweetinfo cannot affect the tweet instance

Brief Introduction

By adjusting animation duration, slow curve, playback times and other parameters, you can make slow animation with different effects. The following is the slow effect of position movement. Use inoutcubic curve to achieve the slow, fast and slow effect.



TweenInfo TweenInfo.newfloat duration, EaseCurve easeCurve, int playCount, TweenPlayMode playMode, float delay)
Create a tweetinfo instance


float Duration
Duration (seconds)
EaseCurve EaseCurve
Creep curve
int PlayCount
Number of cycles
TweenPlayMode PlayMode
Playback mode
float Delay
Start delay time (seconds)

Code example

Create a jog information instance, change the information and view the animation effect

--Create curve instances