API Reference Manual||doc135285

September 20, 2022

This API reference manual records all the classes, properties, functions and events that developers can use when making Blockman Go games.

Commonly used classes

Class name Description
Part Physical unit, the most common architectural block in the scene
World The only world instance in the game room, often used to obtain player instances and object instances in the game
Entity The most active objects in the game, NPCs, monsters, and players have entity class definitions
Vector3 The most commonly used data type, the position of all objects in the game is located by the value of this type
Event The basic way of calling each other between scripts
PackageHandlers Basic way of communication between server and client
GUI An interface for displaying game-related information to the player

Commonly used functions

Function name Description
Instance.new Create an instance of the specified object type
Timer.new Start the timer and execute the passed in callback function
EntityServer.Create Generate an entity object in the game
Trigger.addHandler Register the callback function when the corresponding event occurs
UI:CreateGUIWindow Display an interface layout on the screen

Commonly used server events

Event name Description
ENTITY_ENTER Trigger event when the player logs in or the entity is created
ENTITY_CLICK Trigger event when the entity is clicked
ENTITY_DAMAGE Trigger event when the entity is damaged

Getting started recommended documents

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Server and client

Event usage

Class template

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