September 20, 2022


Color data. This type is usually used to define colors in RGB color space. Each color component range is [0, 1].


Color3 Color3.newfloat red, float green, float blue )
Create a color type data
Color3 Color3.newColor3 color )
Create a color type data


float R
Red value of color
float G
Green value of color
float B
Blue value of color

Static properties

Color3 Color3.White [ReadOnly]
Equivalent to white data
Color3 Color3.Black [ReadOnly]
Equivalent to black data
Color3 Color3.Red [ReadOnly]
Equivalent to red data
Color3 Color3.Green [ReadOnly]
Equivalent to green data
Color3 Color3.Blue [ReadOnly]
Equivalent to blue data
Color3 Color3.Yellow [ReadOnly]
Equivalent to yellow data
Color3 Color3.Gray [ReadOnly]
Equivalent to grey data

Mathematical operation

Color3 Color3 + Color3
Returns color3 after adding two color3 values
Color3 Color3 – Color3
Returns color3 after subtracting two color3 values