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September 20, 2022



Skin data can be data consisting of the names of multiple part groups plus the skin name, and is usually used to replace the skin sample of the entity object character. In fact, the data skin is a table composed of multiple key values.

Skin data content composition

In the character editor, each character will have an appearance list group, and each group is a part skin composed of part name + skin name.

In the properties of each group, you can see a mutually exclusive group name and group name, corresponding to the part name and skin name. The skin data is a table composed of the part name as the index and the skin name as the value.

Note: For multiple skin groups, the part name can have the same name, but the skin name cannot have the same name


local skinData = {
    armor_chest = "chain"

The relationship between site and skin

Since the name of the part can be the same but the name of the skin cannot be the same, only one skin of the same part will be displayed. If there is already a skin name displayed on a part, then the skin data will be carried when changing the skin. If there is a skin in the same part, the skin in the displayed part will be hidden first, and then the new skin will be opened. show.