September 20, 2022


Three dimensional vector. This type is usually used to locate the position of the instance, the range of the region, and so on. It uses the X, y, and Z axes to locate the coordinates of an object in the world.


Vector3 Vector3.newfloat x,  float y,  float z )
Create a 3D vector type data
Vector3 Vector3.newVector3 vec )
Create a 3D vector type data


float X
3D vector X axis
float Y
3D vector Y axis
float Z
3D vector Z axis
Vector3 Normalized [ReadOnly]
Normalized vector of three-dimensional vector
float Len [ReadOnly]
Length of 3D vector

Static properties

Vector3 Vector3.Zero [ReadOnly]
Equivalent to vector3 new(0, 0, 0)
Vector3 Vector3.One [ReadOnly]
Equivalent to vector3 new(1, 1, 1)
Vector3 Vector3.Forward [ReadOnly]
Equivalent to vector3 new(0, 0, 1)
Vector3 Vector3.Left [ReadOnly]
Equivalent to vector3 new(1, 0, 0)
Vector3 Vector3.Up [ReadOnly]
Equivalent to vector3 new(0, 1, 0)

Static function

Vector3 Vector3.CrossVector3 vec1, Vector3 vec2 )
Calculating the cross product of two vectors
float Vector3.DotVector3 vec1, Vector3 vec2 )
Calculating the dot product of two vectors
Vector3 Vector3.LookRotationVector3 fromPos, Vector3 facePos )
Calculates the rotation vector from one point to another
float Vector3.AngleBetweenVector3 lookVec1, Vector3 lookVec2 )
Calculate the angle between two vectors
float Vector3.DistanceVector3 vec1, Vector3 vec2 )
Calculate the distance between two vectors
Vector3 Vector3.ToLocalSpaceMovableNode targetNode, Vector3 worldVec )
Convert a global vector to a local vector relative to an instance
Vector3 Vector3.ToWorldSpaceMovableNode targetNode, Vector3 localVec )
Convert a local vector relative to an instance into a global vector
Vector3 Vector3.LerpVector3 fromVec, Vector3 toVec, float time )
Calculate the linear interpolation between two vectors
Vector3 Vector3.MoveTowardsVector3 fromVec, Vector3 toVec, float moveDistance )
Calculate the vector after a vector moves the specified distance to the target vector, and it will not exceed the target vector


Vector3 Vector3 + Vector3
Overloaded + operator plus another vector
Vector3 Vector3 – Vector3
Overloading the – sign operator, subtracting another vector
Vector3 Vector3 * number
Overloaded * operator multiplied by a numeric value
Vector3 Vector3 / number
Overloaded / operator, divided by a numeric value
Vector3 -Vector3
Overloaded symbolic operators, negating
bool Vector3 == Vector3
Overloaded symbol operation to judge whether two vectors are equal
bool Vector3 < Vector3
Overloaded symbol operation, vector 1 < vector 2
bool Vector3 <= Vector3
Overloaded symbol operation, vector 1 < = vector 2
bool Vector3 > Vector3
Overloaded symbol operation, vector 1 > vector 2
bool Vector3 >= Vector3
Overloaded symbol operation, vector 1 > = vector 2