September 20, 2022


Brief Introduction

When calling the create control function, specify the type of control to create.


name value Describe
Frame Enum.WidgetType.Frame Base window control type
Text Enum.WidgetType.Text Text control type
Image Enum.WidgetType.Image Picture control type
Button Enum.WidgetType.Button Button control type
ProgressBar Enum.WidgetType.ProgressBar Progress bar control type
Editbox Enum.WidgetType.Editbox Input box control type
Checkbox Enum.WidgetType.Checkbox Check box control type
RadioButton Enum.WidgetType.RadioButton Radio button control type
HorizontalSlider Enum.WidgetType.HorizontalSlider Horizontal slider control type
VerticalSlider Enum.WidgetType.VerticalSlider Vertical slider control type
ScrollableView Enum.WidgetType.ScrollableView Sliding area control type
HorizontalLayoutContainer Enum.WidgetType.HorizontalLayoutContainer Horizontal layout container control type
VerticalLayoutContainer Enum.WidgetType.VerticalLayoutContainer Vertical layout container control type
GridView Enum.WidgetType.GridView Grid layout container control type
ActorWindow Enum.WidgetType.ActorWindow Character window control type
EffectWindow Enum.WidgetType.EffectWindow Effect window control type