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September 20, 2022




Creating an entity object on the client side requires the same entity configuration information as creating an entity object on the server side.


  • Entity objects created on the client side will not be synchronized to other clients, only the current client can display them.
  • The client entity has no AI function
  • Be careful not to create objects when the program starts running, at least when the map is loaded, otherwise unimaginable consequences will occur


Variable name type Description
params CreateParams Create parameters

Value Returned

type Description
Entity entity object

Code Samples

Find the corresponding entity in the editor, right-click to copy its ID, plus the prefix is its configuration name (cfgName), such as 'myplugin/entity'

on the client sideglobal script, generate the client entity

local createParams = { cfgName = "myplugin/entity", pos = { x = 0, y = 1, z = 0 } }
local entity = EntityClient.CreateClientEntity(createParams)