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September 20, 2022


 Entity:setOverlayColor(masterSlaveName, color) 
  • The class to which the function belongs:Entity


Set the color of the skin.

How to target individual skin color settings

Each character will have its own skin group in the Appearance list in the Character Editor

According to the attributes of each skin group, you can get the mutually exclusive group name and group name to locate a single skin

The format of positioning is: mutually exclusive group name


Variable name type Description
masterSlaveName string body parts
color table Color, a color value {r, g, b, a} composed of a table, ranging from 0 to 1

on the entity clientmount script, set the color of the skin.

Code Samples

this:setOverlayColor("custom_hair.custom_hair_1", {1,1,1,1})