September 20, 2022


Window:DoTween(tweenInfo, properties)


Create and start jogging animation. You can make different animation effects by passing in different jogging information and changing attributes.


Variable name Type Describe
tweenInfo TweenInfo Jog information
properties table<string, variant> Change attribute

The data types that support Tween are:
· number
· Vector3
· Vector2
· Color3
· string
· bool

Return value

Type Describe
Tween Tween instance

Code example

Linear, from fully transparent to fully opaque, and double the size of the slow animation within 1 second.

local winShop = UI:CreateGUIWindow("testShop")
local buyBtn = winShop.buyBtn
buyBtn.Alpha = 0
buyBtn.AbsolutelySize =, 50)

local easeCurve =
local tweenInfo =, easeCurve)
local properties = {
    Alpha = 1,
    AbsolutelySize =, 100)
buyBtn:DoTween(tweenInfo, properties)