September 20, 2022



Items are items that provide players with a variety of functional purposes, including blocks, equipment, materials, restoration, and more.


Item.CreateItem (  string fullName, int count  )
Construct a item instance
Item.CreateBlockItem (  string blockName, int count  )
Constructs a block item instance


config cfg (  )

Get item configuration information

string full_name (  )

Get item configuration name

boolean is_block (  )

Determine if the item is a block

int block_id (  )

Get the item block id

config block_cfg (  )

Get block configuration information

boolean nan (  )

Determine whether item data exists

int tid (  )

Returns the ID of the tray where the item instance is located

int slot (  )

Returns the tray position where the item instance is located

void replace (  string fullName  )

Replace the original item information with the specified item configuration name

boolean consume (  int count  )

Consumable item

int stack_free (  )

Get the number of remaining stackable items

int stack_count_max (  )

Get the maximum stacking number of items in the tray

void set_stack_count (  int count  )

Set the current stack number

void set_block_id (  int id  )

Set the block id of the item

void set_block (  string name  )

Set the block configuration name of the item

string icon (  )

Get item icon path

int model (  string act  )

Get item model based on behavior name