September 20, 2022


This service can only be accessed by the client


Multilingual service, which is used to find the text content of the corresponding region in the multilingual list according to the different regions of the text in the game interface. If you want the text in the game interface to automatically adapt to different languages in different regions, you need to fill in the corresponding text index in the multilingual list and the text content in the corresponding region. When setting the text content in the UI, you need to useLang.toTextThe function index corresponds to the contents of the multilingual list.

How to splice special text content

There is often a skill information introduction in the game, and the value in it may change according to the influence of other attributes. For constants such as numerical values that may change, we provide creators with special character splicing rules. For details, please refer to them directly.Lang.toTextfunction.


string toText (  variant param  )

Returns the multi-language converted string according to the passed parameters