September 20, 2022




GUI layout file path for the scene window. Use instance After create is created, you need to set layout. After setting layout, you will call ui:createguiwindow by default to create a GUI window instance and mount the window instance to the scene window. If there is an existing window instance, the old window instance will be destroyed.


The Layout here needs a full path, such as the test.layout file in the UI folder under the asset

Written as: SceneUI.Layout = "test.layout"

Code example

Create a scene UI instance on the server, place it at the position of the static scene map001 coordinate (0,5,0), and set the layout attribute

local map = World:GetStaticMap("map001")
local SceneUI ="SceneUI", map.Root)
SceneUI.LocalPosition =,5,0)
SceneUI.Layout = "test.layout"