September 20, 2022


Brief Introduction

Debugging tools, which contain methods that make debugging easier when developing games.


void Logvariant msg )
Print normal level information on the console
void LogWarningvariant msg )
Print warning level information on the console
void LogErrorvariant msg )
Print error level information on the console
void LogTraceback() 
Print call stack information on the console
void ClearLog() 
Clear the information of the console
void DrawLineVector3 startPos, Vector3 endPos, Color3 color, int duration ) [ClientOnly]
Draw line segments in the game
void DrawBoxVector3 center, Vector3 extend, Vector3 rotation, Color3 color, int duration ) [ClientOnly]
Draw a box in the game
void DrawSphereVector3 center, Vector3 radius, Color3 color, int duration ) [ClientOnly]
Draw a sphere in the game
void ClearDraw() [ClientOnly]
Clear the debug segment information in the game
void SetDrawColliderEnabledbool enabled ) [ClientOnly]
Set whether to draw collision information in the game