September 20, 2022

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All updates are made on the premise of compatibility with the old project. Although the old code can still be used, we recommend that the new project use the updated API


1. API optimization of UI classes。 Unified functions for creating layout GUI instances and basic control GUI instances. The root attribute is added as the root node of the GUI interface. The created GUI instance needs to be set as the direct or indirect sub level of the root node before it can be displayed in the game.

2. collation of enumeration types and data types related to Gui controls.

3. API optimization of window base class。 In the old version, the properties of window instances need to be accessed with the instance: function (). Now all properties of the window instance can be directly passed through the instance Property access.

4. name of each basic control and API optimization. These include

Frame Image Text Button ProgressBar
Slider Editbox Checkbox RadioButton ScrollableView
VerticalLayoutContainer HorizontalLayoutContainer GridView ActorWindow EffectWindow

Events and agreements:

1. API optimization of event system。 In the old version, the event registration methods of entity, part, GUI and custom event are different. Now we will gradually unify the event registration methods of all modules. The current version of event system only includes GUI module and buffer module, and other modules still need to use the old event registration method.

2. API optimization of protocol system。 Optimized the function writing of registration and transmission protocols.

GUI jog Library:

1. Add jog API for GUI control。 Some preset slow motion curves and slow motion control functions are provided. Now developers can make better interface slow motion animation effects.

Global variables:

1. add a global variableEngineandGlobal。 In the old version, the engine declared many global variables, which were difficult to manage and occupied the global variable names of developers. Now the global variables of the engine are gradually put into the engine table for management. Developers need to use the engine Variable name is used to access the global variables of the engine, but some common global variables such as UI allow direct access. The global table is a global variable table for developers. Developers cannot declare global variables directly, but they can use the global Variable names manage some global variables by themselves.

Data services:

1. API optimization of data storage services。 The functions of global data storage and leaderboard data storage are unified. Now, the storage location is determined by the area key and the storage data is determined by the data key.

2. API optimization of game analysis service。 Optimized the writing method of escalation function.

Format determination:

1. constructor class Call. New is the function name. Example: class new()。

2. for object attributes Call, example: object Properties.

3. object function: call, example: object: function ().

4. classes for static attributes and static functions Call, example: class Properties, classes Function ().