September 20, 2022

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All updates are made on the premise of compatibility with old projects. Although the old code can still be used, we recommend that new projects use the updated API

Instance class:

1. Show the scene instance class structure in the document。 In the old version, the instance class structure of the engine cannot be recognized intuitively. Now there are special tabs to explain, and there are inheritance descriptions in the documents of each specific class.

2. API optimization of instance classes。 In the old version, the API design of some instance classes is unreasonable, which leads to great learning costs. Now we have sorted out the API of the instance base class, unified the format of attributes, functions and events, and can quickly learn what an instance class is used to do through inheritance.

Game world:

1. API optimization of world class。 In the old version, many functions are mixed in the world class, and the world class needs to call the API through world Curworld, very inconvenient. Now the API is called directly through the world, and the responsibility of the world is to manage scenarios.

2. API optimization of scene classes。 In the old version, similar to world, many functions were mixed in the map class. Now the responsibility of map is to manage instances in the scene and conduct physical detection.


1. New debugging output API。 A new debug class is added, including some commonly used output and rendering debugging APIs.

Game logic:

1. Complete the buffer library API。 A new tween class is added. The jog API of this class can be applied to any type of objects, such as parts and GUIs.

2. Timer API optimization。 The timer function is removed from the world and the timer class is added.

Data type:

1. Data type API optimization. Unifies the common data type API format, and adds APIs available for some data types, including

Vector3 Vector2 Color3
PhysicProperties HitResult