September 20, 2022


This version mainly fixes errors in API in previous versions and improved on some of the inappropriate API based on feedback.

Bug Fix:

1. Window settings for Rotation does not take effect

2. Return values for some properties of Window were changed to string instead of the corresponding type.

3. The rendering of the instance following the movement of parent is abnormal.

4. Part and Anchored Part may fail to trigger the start collision event.

5. The end collision event may be triggered when the part speed is stationary.

6. Tween easing cannot be used in some data types.

7. Tween easing will report an error when a non linear curve is used.

8. Tween easing will report an error after the instance is invalid.

9. Fixed the error in which entities placed in the map ahead of time triggered entry event twice.

10. Fixed the issue where data storage was not available for mobile.

Feedback Optimisation:

1. Window Rotation property type has been changed from quaternion to 3D vector.

2. Newly added the global events for the start and end of the game stage.

3. Newly added API to determine if Window has been destroyed.

General Optimisation:

1. API for entity object binding events is changed to GetEvent.

2. API for binding global engine events is changed to GetEvent.

3. API for binding global custom events is changed to GetEvent.

4. Added related APIs for image control filling.