July 4, 2022


Actor Editor is a tool for editing actor appearance and actions; you can add models, add effects, make actor actions, etc.

New/Open Actor File

New Actor:In the Assets Management panel, click the Create button, select the New actor option, and then select the skeleton file to create a new actor file.

Open Actor:Double-click a actor file in the Assets Management panel to open the actor file in the editor.

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Introduction of Actor Resources

A actor resource is a model with skeleton and animationsthat the engine can read and use, usually for creatures, machines, or other objects that need to be deformed or animated.

Usually the actor resource is referenced by the entity. If you want to see the entity in the game, you must first assign a role resource to the entity. This entity will use the role image and actions of the role.

When making or assembling actor in the editor, the following resource files are needed:

File Type File Extensions Function Necessary
skeleton .skel Skeleton files store information about the skeleton hierarchy and are used in the engine to drive the actor’s animation. When customizing the appearance and movement of a actor, it depends on the skeleton information, so each actor must refer to a skeleton file as its skeleton information. Yes
skin .skin The skin file stores the appearance of the model and the binding information between the model and the skeleton. In 3D modeling software, skinning generally refers to: binding the model and the bone together to make the model deform with the movement of the bone. Skin files are usually used for models such as the body, hands, and feet of creatures. No
mesh model .mesh The 3D mesh model is different from the skin file in that the mesh model is not bound to the bones. Generally, models such as weapons and hats that do not need to follow bone deformation will use mesh model files. No
map .tga/.png/.jpg The texture used for the skin or mesh model. If the model is missing textures, the engine will automatically fill in black and white grid textures. No
animation .anim The animation file records the key frame information of skeletal animation. If you want the actor to be able to play actions (for example, to play the standby animation when in standby), you need to add animation files that match the bones to the actor, otherwise the bones will be strangely deformed when the animation is played. No
effects file .effect By adding effect files to the actor, you can make the effects move and rotate with the actor. No