July 4, 2022


Items can be held by players and placed in backpacks and inventory. Many effects can be achieved by using Item, such as restoring HP to Entitys, wearing them as equipment, and releasing skills through Item. Common ones such as recovery blood bottles, firearms, equipment, etc. can be achieved through Item.

Click below the Game Part panel New button, you can create a new prop template.

item template: The item template specifies the itemerties of the item, including the model, icon, description, etc. of the item.
Drops: All the items created in the scene are dropped items. After the player picks up the dropped items, the corresponding items will be added to the player’s backpack.

When editing, you can place the drops that are created by default in the game on the map: after clicking an item in the item list,Move the mouse to the scene window, you can see that the dropped object to be placed will move with the mouse. At this point, click the left button of the mouse to place the drop at the position specified by the mouse.

Of course, you can also dynamically create drops while the game is running through code or Edit Events.

Basic properties

Property Function
Tool name The name of the prop template, the name Display name as prop only, when calling Item through code, etc., you need to use the id of the prop (right-click on the prop template and select ”Copy ID”; to get the id of the prop).
Tool model The mesh model used by the prop. When the Entity is holding the prop, the model will be displayed, and the dropped objects corresponding to the prop will also display the model.
prop icon The icon of the item displayed in the item bar or backpack. If the item does not have a model, the icon will be displayed when the Entity is holding the item, and the image corresponding to the item will also be displayed.
prop description The text description of the item displayed in the inventory or inventory.
Item stack quantity The maximum number of items of this type that can be stacked in a slot in an inventory or backpack.
Items can be discarded Set whether you can discard the item into the scene by long-pressing the item in the item bar.
Items can be dropped When the player dies, if there is a prop of this type in the player’;s backpack, it will automatically drop into the scene.
Item can be used When the player holds an item, you can long press the screen to use the item.
Preservation tool Sets whether to save this type of item to the player’;s data. If checked, if the player has an item of this type in his backpack when he exits the game, the item will be in his backpack the next time the player enters the game.This property will take effect only if the ”Data Save” function is turned on in the game settings.

Item Type

Property Function
prop type Types of Item that can be set:

Handheld: Entitys can acquire skills and buffs while holding items.

Equipment: Items can be equipped to player Entity On the body, modify the appearance of player Entitys, obtain skills and buffs, etc.

Consumption: Entitys can get buffs after using items.

Property of equipment type Item Equipment Slot: Set which equipment slot on the Entity the item can be equipped on.

Appearance group name: Set which character appearance will be displayed when the Entity is equipped with this item. You need to fill in the appearance group name of the character.

Appearance Mutually Exclusive Group: Set which character appearance will be displayed when the Entity is equipped with this item. You need to fill in the role’;s appearance mutual exclusion group name.

Equipment Skills: Set which skills will be obtained when the Entity is equipped with the item (click the + sign on the right to add more skills).

Equip Buff: Set the buff that the Entity will get when the item is equipped.

Properties of Handheld Type Items As currency: Set whether the item can be used as currency. When the item is used as currency, players can use the item to buy items in the cube store.

Holding Position: Set which point the prop model will be attached to the Entity’;s character when the item is held by the Entity (you can view the character’;s attachment point in the character editor).

Skills: Set which skills the Entity will acquire when holding the item (click the + sign on the right to add more skills).

Buff: Set the Buff that the Entity will get when holding the item.

Consuming properties of type Item Get Buff after using the item: Set the Buff that the Entity will get after using the item (you need to check the ”;Item can be used”; attribute of the item).

Buff Duration: Set how long the Buff will last for the Entity after using the item, in seconds.

trap When checked, items will not be able to be added to the player’;s inventory, and will trigger a trap event when attempting to add to the inventory.
container Enable: Set whether the prop has a container function: similar to the magazine of a firearm, you can add filler to the container.Usually only firearms Item need to enable this function

Initial Padding: Sets the default padding amount in the container when the item is created.

Maximum number of fills: Set the maximum number of fillings the container can hold.

Prop Name: Set what prop to fill the container with.

Edit Events

Property Function
Edit Events Use visual programming to edit the event logic of the item, see Item Trigger Edit for details.