July 4, 2022


Entitys can use skills to play actions, deal damage to other Entitys, release Missiles, etc., and usually use skills to make Entitys interact with other objects.

Click below the Game Part panel New button, you can create a new skill template.

Skill template: The skill template specifies the properties of the skill, and the skill template is edited in the editor.
Skill examples: When adding skills to a entity in the game, each added to the entity is a skill instance created based on a template.

Basic properties

Property Function
Skill name The name of the skill template, the nameDisplay name for skills only, when calling skills through codes, etc., you need to use the id of the skill (right-click on the skill template and select ”Copy id”; to get the id of the skill).
Skill Type Set the type of skills, different types of skills have different effects.

Basics: Skills that do not trigger special effects, usually used in situations such as only playing actions, triggering only release skill events, etc.

Damage: Causes damage to the target. Currently, other skills do not have the ability to damage.If you need to deal damage, you need to call attack skills

Missile:This type of skill can launch single or multiple missiles, and is usually used to achieve effects such as shooting, launching cannonballs, and launching magic balls. See Properties of Missile Skill for details.

Reload:To fill the magazine with fillers, you need to use it with the item that enable the magazine function. See Properties of Reloading Skill for details.

Buff:Add a Buff to the target. See Properties of Buff Skill for details.

Beam:This skill will emit a beam for detection from the middle of the camera, and it needs to be used in conjunction with other skills, usually used to achieve shooting. See Properties of Beam Skill for details.

Use Handheld Item: Use the item the Entity is holding.

Click the icon to release Sets whether the player can release the skill by clicking on the skill icon.
Skill icon Sets the image resource used by the skill icon.
Skill icon location Set the position of the skill icon on the game interface, and click the plus sign in the pop-up panel to select the position of the skill icon.
Icons are draggable Set whether the skill icon can be dragged. If checked, the camera can be rotated while dragging the icon.
mobile sensitivity When ”Icon draggable” is checked, you can rotate the lens while dragging the icon. This value determines the rotation speed of the lens when dragging the icon.
Click the target to release Sets whether the player can cast this skill by directly clicking on the target (Entity or block).
long press to release Set whether the player needs to long-press the icon or long-press the target to release the skill.
long press time When ”;Long Press Release”; is checked, set how long to release the skill after long pressing the icon or target.
long press burst Enable: Set whether to enable the long-press burst function, that is, when the player long-presses the icon or target, the skill will be automatically released continuously.

Burst interval: Set the interval time for continuous release of skills when pressing twice.

cooldown Set the cooldown time of the skill. During the cooldown time, the skill cannot be cast again.

Property of damage skills:

Property Function
effective distance The distance between the target Entity and the Entity that releases the skill must be less than or equal to this value before the skill can damage the target.
knockback distance When the damage skill hits the target Entity, it will knock the target Entity back. The higher the value, the further the knockback.
damage The damage value caused to the target Entity (this value is not necessarily equal to the final damage value received by the target, and is also affected by parameters such as the attack power of the Entity that releases the skill and the damage reduction coefficient of the target Entity).

Property of Missile skills:

Property Function
launch direction Set the Missile launch direction:

Horizontal orientation of the camera: Fires in the direction of the current player’;s camera, but ignores the up and down angle of the camera. this option Only applies to player Entitys

Camera Direction: Shoot in the direction of the current player’;s camera, this option Only applies to player Entitys

Horizontal Direction of Body: Fires along the direction of the Entity’;s own body.

Clicked Entity: Fires at the clicked Entity, only It takes effect when the skill release method is ”click target release”

Self: Fires itself at the Entity that casts the skill.

Clicked Block: Fires towards the clicked block, only It takes effect when the skill release method is ”click target release”

Entity or block or camera direction: that is, enable the three directions of ”camera direction”, ”clicked Entity”; and ”clicked block”; at the same time.

Positive Z-axis direction: launch towards the positive direction of the Z-axis of the world coordinate system.

Missile configuration To set the Missile to be fired by the Missile skill, you can click the + sign on the right side of the attribute to add more Missiles (multiple Missiles can be fired at the same time).

Missile: Sets the template for the Missile to be fired.

Start Coordinate: The launch position of the Missile, (0,0,0) represents the origin of the Entity.

Missile launch direction offset value: Offset in the current launch direction.

Missile orientation: Set the orientation of the Missile model itself.

Delay launch time: Set how long the Missile will be delayed before launching.

Property of reloading skills:

Property Function
filling time Sets the time it takes to load the refill into the magazine.
filling Set the Item to be loaded into the magazine. After loading, the corresponding number of Item will be automatically removed from the backpack.

Property of Buff Skills:

Property Function
Buff name Set the buff to add.
Buff Sets the duration of the buff.
target type Skill Target: Add a buff to the target Entity of the skill.

Self: Add a buff to the Entity that casts the skill.

Property of the ray skill:

Property Function
Ray length The length of the ray discovered by the ray skill.
ray hit effect A special effect to play when the ray hits a Entity.
Ray Trajectory Effects Effects used to represent ray trails.
recoil After releasing the skill, the player’;s camera will rise. The larger the value, the greater the camera’;s rise.
Triggered when a Entity is hit Skill that triggers when the ray hits a Entity.
Triggered when hitting a Entity’;s head A skill that triggers when a ray hits a Entity’;s head.
Skills released by hitting blocks The skill triggered when the ray hits the block, this attribute Only works in block projects

Skill consumption attribute

Property Function
Consuming blocks/Item set up player Entity The blocks or Item that need to be consumed when releasing the skill. If the player’;s backpack has insufficient blocks or Item for consumption, the skill cannot be released.
consume hunger set up player Entity The hunger value that needs to be consumed when releasing the skill. If the player’;s hunger value is insufficient, the skill cannot be released.
Container consumption Enable: Set whether to enable the container consumption function, i.e. player Entity Whether the refill in the magazine will be consumed when casting the skill.You need to configure the skill on the item and enable the container function of the item for this function to take effect.

Auto-reload: When the refill in the magazine is used up,Whether to automatically release reloading skillsto fill the filling.

The amount of refill consumed from the magazine when the skill is cast.

performance Property

Property Function
front sight Sets whether to display the crosshair on the player’;s screen when the player Entity acquires this skill.

release action Set the action that the entity will play when the skill is released (you need to fill in the action name of the actor, and you can view the actions owned by the actor in Actor Editor).
Start action (long press only) pass Press When the icon or target releases the skill, the action will be played when long-pressed.
Start time Playing time of the start action.
sound effect Sets the sound that the Entity plays when casting an ability.

Hearable only by yourself: If the Entity that casts the skill is a player Entity, the sound can only be heard by the player.

Loop: Set whether to automatically loop the sound effect.

Volume: Set the volume of the sound when playing the sound effect.

Audio: Set the sound effect file to be played.

special effects Sets the special effect that the Entity plays when casting an ability.

Only visible to self: If the Entity that casts the skill is a player Entity, only the player can see the effect.

Only once: Sets whether the effect is played only once.

Effect Position: Set the coordinate offset value of the effect relative to the origin of the Entity.

Effect launch angle: Set the angle at which the effect rotates around the Y axis.

Edit Events

Property Function
Edit Events Use visual programming to edit the event logic of the skill, see Skill Trigger Edit for details.