Editor introduction

July 4, 2022

Editor introduction

Blockman Editor is composed of multiple editors, namely: scene editor, actor editor, effect editor and UI editor.

Scene editor: Mainly used to display, manage and edit visual objects such as game maps, entities, and parts. Please check Scene Editor.

Actor editor: It is mainly used to configure the appearance and actions of the actors used in the game. You can add effects and models to the actors, and add effects to the actions of the actors. For details, please refer to Actor Editor.

UI editor: used to make UI that needs to be displayed in the game. For details, please refer to UI Editor.

Effect editor: used to make the effect resources needed by the game. For details, please check Effect Editor.

After starting Blockman Editor, the scene editor is displayed by default. The Actor editor, UI editor and effect editor need to be opened by double-clicking the corresponding resource file in the resource manager. As shown in the figure below: from left to right are Actor file, Effect file, and UI file.