Gcube Shop

July 4, 2022

Gcube Shop

You can sell game Item through the Gcube Shop. If the player spends the Gcube to buy the Item, then you will get these Gcube.By withdrawing cash, you can exchange these Gcubes for cash.

You can log in to BlockmanGo official websiteand view all the Gcubes you have obtained in “Personal Center-Creator Center-Income Data”.


You can create different product types, and click the New button below to create a new product type.

Commodity Properties

After selecting a category, you can click the New button in the product list to create a product:

Product properties:

Properties Function
Items Choose the items you want to sell, choose blocks or Item.
Name The name of the product will be displayed in the store interface.
Price The amount of currency needed to purchase the item once.
Currency The default currency of the system is the Golden Cube, and users can also customize the currency.
Count The number of items available for a single purchase.
Limited Type Unlimited purchase: This product can be purchased unlimited times.
Personal purchase limit: Each player has a limit on the number of purchases.
Limited Time This property will take effect when the personal purchase restriction is checked. Limit the maximum number of purchases per person.
Description The description of the product will be displayed in the store interface.

Interface Settings

Properties Function
Show the store button in the game interface When checked, the Gcube Shop button will be displayed in the upper right corner of the game interface, and the Gcube Shop will be opened when clicked.