Team Properties

July 4, 2022

Team Properties

Basic Team Properties

Properties Function
Automatic Team Matching After checking, the player will be automatically assigned to the team when the player enters the game. The distribution rules are: distribute according to the proportion of the largest number of people in each team.
Can deal Damage to teammates Set whether the units in the team can cause damage to teammates.
Show Team UI Set whether to display the team’s UI in the game.

Properties of a Team

Individually configurable properties for each team:

Properties Function
ID The team’s unique ID, which can be modified but not repeated.
Team name The name of the team.
Team icon The team icon will be displayed in the team UI.
Team waiting position If the team waiting point is enabled, when the game is in the matching phase and the preparation phase, players of the team will be born at that point when entering the game (this option will override the waiting point in the basic properties).
Start Coordinates If the team spawn point is enabled, after the game starts, players of the team will use that point as the spawn point (this option will override the spawn point in the basic properties).
Maximum number The maximum number of people that a team can hold. The maximum number of people in all teams cannot be greater than the maximum number of people in the game.
Set whether team uses Same model Set whether the entities in the team use the same role model.
Team model Set the actor model used by the entities in the team.