basic introduction

July 4, 2022

basic introduction

The interface editor allows you to visually create the interactive interface in the game. You can flexibly use the various UI controls provided by the editor to combine them into beautiful interface styles, and then write UI scripts to realize the interaction between the interface and the game content.

New/open interface file

New interface file:In the resource management panel, click the New button and select the “New Interface” option, you can create a new interface file (file with .layout suffix). When creating a new interface file,It will automatically create a new lua script file with the same name for the interface. The logic related to this interface can be written in this script,This script is automatically executed when the interface is created in the game.

Since the engine occupies part of the interface name, it is not recommended to use the following names when creating a new one:

actionControl application_templates appMainRole audioAndVideoSetting
bagBase beAttackedFeedback cameraSetting CDMask
chat CollectPropResultRank conversation ConversationItem
countdown exitGameConfirmationWindow frontsight game_setting
game_setting_item game_tip GameMenu gameOverPanel
gameOverRank gameOverRankPersonItem gameOverRankTeamItem GameResultRank
gm_board gm_board_plugin_cell goodItem mapLoadingPage
menu_player menu_player_item menukey_setting menukey_setting_item
newKeyboardControl newmainuinavigation onlineConsumeRemind operationSetting
overPop payConfirm playerinfo playerList
progressMask promptNotice propNumberTip reload
roleAttribute rolePanelCell sampleCell SecondConfirmWindow
setting settlement shop shortcutBar
skills snipe summary_item TabControlDemo
TabPage TabPage1 TabPage2 teamRankItem
teamRankList toast toolbar topteamInfo
widget_icon_count_down widget_tab

Open the interface file:Double-click an interface file in the resource management panel, the interface file will be opened in the editor.