Jiugongge stretching

July 4, 2022

Jiugongge stretching

Introduction to Jiugongge Stretching

Jiugongge stretching is a kind of image filling method, which can customize which part of the image will remain the original size and which part will be stretched. Using this method, the resource size can be saved, and the effect of a large-sized image can be stretched by using a smaller image. In addition, different stretching requirements can be met, and the workload of making images can be reduced.

Jiugongge stretching strategy

Divide the picture into nine parts (similar to the nine-square grid), when the picture is stretched, the four corners are not stretched, the left and right regions will only be stretched vertically, the upper and lower regions will only be stretched horizontally, and the middle Regions are stretched in both directions. Refer to the image below:

Set the nine-square grid margin

1. Click the Margin Edit button to pop up the margin setting window.

2. Drag the upper, lower, left and right green lines to set the upper, lower, left and right margins of the nine-square grid.

3. You can also directly enter the value of the margin (the margin value is relative to the original image size).

4. Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the picture for adjusting and previewing margins.