Blockman Editor OB5 Patch Notes

June 30, 2022

What’s new in Blockman Editor

Basic Features

  • Added User Guide for the scene, actor, and UI editor
  • Increased editor stability
  • Added more models to the store
  • Added hotkeys to the resource management panel (copy, cut, paste)
  • FBX import process optimization

〓 UI Editor 

  • UI widgets optimization
  • Added sound effects for buttons
  • Added UI slider size modification
  • Added batch modification for widgets


〓 Scene Editor 

  • Added lighting system
  • Added displays of parts and surfaces
  • Added model vertex snapping function
  • Added 3D sound effects to parts
  • Optimized the artistic effect of the 3D scenes
  • Optimized Gizmo
  • Optimized skill modification and added a popup for selecting the action
  • Added skill cooldown modification


〓 Trigger Editor 

  • Added custom triggers
  • Variables can store parts, including but not limited to array and local variables API
  • Optimized API of global, UI, and data save
  • Added an API for exchanging the player to platform avatar