Blockman Editor OB4 Patch Note

March 4, 2022

What’s new in Blockman Editor

Basic Feature

  1. Auto-update is added for launcher
  2. Announcement is added during service suspension
  3. Game directory will be kept after you uninstall the editor

Scene Editor

To speed up the process of scene editing, a number of updates have been made as follows

  1. You can press and hold the middle mouse button to pan the screen.
  2. You can rotate the scene by right click without selecting any objects.
  3. You can move and zoom the scene by division value.
  4. By selecting the folder in the Resource List, all resources under the folder will be selected as well
  5. A preview window for the 3D coordinate indicator will also be added.

Event Editor

  1. Triggers have been added for UI, so it is no longer necessary for you to have coding skills while calling out the UI you created. With this feature, you can make a game without coding skills right now.
  2. Furthermore, the 0 KB BTS file will not be generated if there is no trigger for a part.


  1. New API has been added for users to get the ID of objects and maps.
  2. The API for the UI has also been optimized and it is easier to understand now.