[BMGC] What’s Party Game?

July 11, 2022

In general, party games refer to multiplayer games that are played at social gatherings. They normally provide an entertaining gameplay experience to people of all ages and the interactions during gameplay can be good materials for video production in livestream and video editing.

This July, we will organize our very first creator contest. This contest welcomes game submissions more than that! We would consider your game to qualify the Party Game theme as long as it contains multiplayer mode. Brainstorm and create any multiplayer gameplay where players can collaborate, make friends, fully have fun and show their personality!

Here are some guidelines that we hope will facilitate your game ideation for a unique party game!

PVP Battles

We welcome any format of PVP battles! For example FPS, Bed Wars or ABA. The intense and exciting battles can stimulate players’ adrenaline the most!


Collaborate and play together with your friends to complete the game. No matter whether it’s to support each other to get out of a maze, or to break through a siege of numerous zombies.

Social Scene

Social games enable players to have fun and relax at their leisure without being too competitive. You may create a game where players can chat or dance to music casually, or they may just join to show off their outfits and skins!

What are you waiting for? Join our contest and become a Party Maker!

For more contest related information, please visit the website :  gocreator.blockman.garena.com